Initiated by BBC Arts and One Dance UK, #DancePassion is a nationwide celebration that brings together movers and shakers from all over the UK to revel in the dance community we exist in! From 31 March to 6 April, we’ll be joining in the festivities to showcase you what we’re made of!

#DancePassion week has kicked off explosively! Akram’s Giselle for English National Ballet broadcasted on BBC Four, Sunday 31 March and is now available to watch on iPlayer for the next month! We thought we’d take the rest of the #DancePassion week as an opportunity to invite you all into the creation period for our newest production: Outwitting the Devil.

Outwitting the Devil draws inspiration from the most recently discovered tablet from the Epic of Gilgamesh. Akram and his collaborators are creating the narrative of six characters seeking to make whole the fragments of ancient knowledge lost and forgotten over time. As this week unfolds, we’ll be sharing a series of digital portraits for each of our uniquely spirited dancers: Ching-Ying Chien, Mythili Prakash, Andrew Pan, Dominique Petit, James Vu Anh Pham and Sam Pratt.

We’re celebrating big everyday this week with a special something on Friday afternoon… We’re inviting you into the studio at Sadler’s Wells to check out the rehearsals for the new creation via livestream! Available to watch on the BBC Arts portal (and our Facebook page) tune in to see Akram at work with his creative tribe and the dancers at 13.30. You won’t want to miss it!

We’ll see you there…

21 Questions with Ching-Ying Chien

21 Questions with Dominique Petit

21 Questions with James Vu Anh Pham

21 Questions with Mythili Prakash

21 Questions with Andrew Pan

21 Questions with Sam Pratt

21 Questions with Akram Khan

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